Charles C. Kray, R.Ph. & President

As President of Hershey CKC Pharmacy and HersheyCare, Chuck has been faithfully serving residents and nursing home communities throughout the region for over 30 years. He earned his degree in Pharmacy from Duquesne University in 1975.

Chuck, along with his exceptional staff, is known in the industry for providing outstanding customer service in both retail and long-term care pharmacy. His fundamental knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence has taught him that the needs of every facility are inherently unique, and it is this understanding that sets HersheyCare apart from its competitors.

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We truly believe in the concept of a traditional “community pharmacy” and the unsurpassed level of personal care and quality service it is synonymous with.

—The HersheyCare Team

HersheyCare Staff: Let Our Family Care for Yours…

Whether it’s your daily delivery, med exchange, or an emergency question over the phone, your needs will be met by a member of our dynamic long-term care team.

Your Pharmacists:

Patty Tomaszewski, R.Ph.—Patty has been practicing pharmacy for 20 years; 15 of those with Hershey CKC Pharmacy, as an integral part of our team. She holds a B.S. in Pharmacy and is a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

Carol Campbell, R.Ph.—Carol joined the CKC Pharmacy family 9 years ago, managing a pharmacy located within the Lebanon Valley Brethran Home. She brings an in-depth and highly technical understanding of all aspects of long-term care pharmacy.

Jennifer Kipp, R.Ph.—Jenn has been working in the industry for 17 years, with the last 12 as a pharmacist. She’s been with our team for 3 years.

Emily Musser, PharmD.—Emily joined the Hershey CKC Pharmacy family 8 years ago as a student intern, and has been with us as a pharmacist for nearly 2 years.

Kelly Kim, PharmD.—Kelly has over 5 years of valuable pharmacy experience. Now in her second year as a pharmacist at Hershey CKC Pharmacy, she brings a fresh perspective to our staff.

Mark Green, PharmD.—Mark recently graduated with his PharmD degree and decided to join the Hershey CKC Pharmacy team. He has a wealth of knowledge and is also licensed to immunize.

Shelia Sheaffer, R.Ph.—Shelia has recently joined the Hershey CKC Pharmacy team. She brings with her over x years of knowledge and experience in the long-term care industry.

Key Staff:

Kelly Arndt, Pharmacy Technician & Facility Coordinator—With 10 years of Tech experience (7 with Hershey CKC Pharmacy), Kelly serves as a primary point of contact for nurses and staff on day to day operations and takes the lead on our med exchanges and cycle fill team.

Jami Mills, Pharmacy Technician & Billing Coordinator—Jami brings 10 years of experience to our team. She works closely with our homes to facilitate billing and payment, and is the main contact for residents or their responsible parties for inquiries regarding billing and coverage.

Linda Kroh, Pharmacy Technician & Facility Coordinator—With x years of Tech experience (x with Hershey CKC Pharmacy), Linda serves as a primary point of contact for nurses and staff on day to day operations and takes the lead on our med exchanges and cycle fill team.


David Kray—Director of Operations
Chadd Blannett—Director of Marketing & Sustainable Operations
Michael Kray—Business Manager

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